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Singapore's betrayal of non Chinese citizens, ethnic cleansing

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore today has about 78% people of Chinese descent, about 13% Malays and another 8% Indians. This is not a figure that came about naturally but deliberately created by the government's preference of people of Chinese descent over their other citizens, Malay and Indian.

The original inhabitants of Singapore island since the beginning of time were Malays as was in Malaya and Indonesia, known as the Malay archipelago. When the British arrived in 1819, they brought in Chinese from Southern China to work in business and commerce and Indians in Malay's rubber plantations and construction.

With Singapore's prosperity as a business center and a sea port, the population of each race increased with the Chinese increasing at a slightly faster rate. Nevertheless in the 1950s the population ratio of Indians and Malays were far greater than what it is today.

Instead of the island's racial balance being allowed to progress naturally, for the last 4 decades or so, the Lee ruling family who were effectively running a one party dictatorship, as they are doing now, began deliberately suppressing the populations of Muslim Malays and Indians while actively and deliberately increasing that of the Chinese population.

The Chinese Singapore population has over the last 3 decades or so, been suffering from the lowest birth rate among the races, while the Malays had the highest followed by the Indians. Had matters been left to nature, Singapore would have had far more Malays than there are today, relatively speaking.

There is no doubt that Lee Kuan Yew family, who are ethnic Chinese, who continues to run Singapore since 1959 is openly and unashamedly racist who are prepared to do anything necessary however illegal to change Singapore into a complete and absolute Chinese city by importing disproportionally large numbers of ethnic Chinese from China to literally flood the island while at the same time placing a total ban on Malay immigrants and allowing only a trickle of Indians.

This is because the Malays have never really supported him and neither did the Indians who would have preferred a multi racial island with English language and Western style democracy which the Lee ruling family feels would be a threat to their continued dictatorial rule. They have never been admirers of democracy.

Today immigrants from China who have no knowledge of English or any skills whatsoever are permitted to immigrate purely to increase their numbers in the island to make sure that Singapore will be Lee Kuan Yew's Chinese city, not a multi racial city as the British and it's original population had hoped when they colonized Singapore.

It has to be said that transforming Singapore into a Chinese city by deliberately increasing the number of Chinese immigrants is a blatant violation of the Singapore Constitution which clearly mandates equality between the races. This is ethnic cleansing shamelessly conducted by the Lee ruling party to deliberately destroy the Malay and Indian populations in the island. In Bosnia they shot their Muslim neighbours. In Singapore they do it by importing foreign Chinese. This is ethnic cleansing, no less. The only difference is the manner in which it is done.

The government has said on many occasions in the past that they are determined to keep the population ratio as 75% Chinese 15% Malay and the balance Indian, even though nowhere in the Constitution is this ratio required or even allowed.

If indeed all races are to be treated equally under the law, this deliberate overwhelmingly large importation of Chinese immigrants is a clear violation of the Constitution.

Up till now, Singapore's Malay leaders such as the Singapore Democratic Party's Jufri Mehmood is clearly unhappy with this policy of racial discrimination against his people but have not been prepared to openly speak on this for fear of being branded Malay chauvinists or even worse being arrested under the Internal Security Act falsely accused of inciting racial unrest. As for the Indian leaders they have been so much intimidated into submission that no one single Indian leader can be identified or willing to be counted.

As we speak Singapore's Changi airport continues to ship in plane loads each day of these Chinese from Communist China thereby continuing to transform the island into a complete Chinese city.

Today, with Lee ruling family's great success in this illegal racial policy, original native born Indians have become almost non existent. Many of them have married Chinese women particularly to advance their careers in Lee's Chinese Singapore, where you have an alarming increase in their off spring with Indians names but who look completely Chinese. Most of them are unable to speak their native Indian language and for all intends and purposes are not Indians.

In addition, they are emigrating to the West at a much faster rate feeling a sense of abandonment by their own country and a realization that they have no prospects in the Lee ruling family's new Chinese Singapore.

Unless the Malays and Indians stand up against this deliberate and continual ethnic cleansing leading to their total extinction in their own island, standing by doing nothing will in fact ring the final death knell of their people and race in their Singapore.

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An Bord Pleanála gives go-ahead for Chinese trading hub in Athlone

AN BORD PLEANÁLA has given the go-ahead for the first phase of an international trading hub to be built in Athlone, Co Westmeath.

An artist's impression of the China Europe Trading Hub proposed for Athlone.

The development will be constructed on a 137-hectare site at the Creggan, east of Athlone and will cost around €175 million for the first phase.
The grandiose development even anticipates there will be an ‘Athlone International Airport’ that will completed “at the end of 2018″ and will be a 20 minute drive away from the Europe China Trading Hub (ECTH).

This morning, the planning board has given the go-ahead for the first of a five intended stages which will be financed by private equity, and pre-sales of concessions spaces according to the developers.
It rejected half-a-dozen appeals including one from An Taisce which warned that a similar Chinese trading hub was being built on the Wirral peninsula opposite Liverpool in the UK.

The ECTH intends to provide a demonstration space for Chinese manufacturers and traders to sell their goods to European and international buyers with a view to generating bulk orders.
The development will span across 1,000,000 square metres and some of the facilities that are intended to be constructed during phase one of the project include:
  • A four-storey reception hall
  • A multi-purpose exhibition hall known as the China hall
  • Two ‘mega’ exhibition halls
  • Nine trading halls
  • An external exhibition space
  • A glass covered walkway connecting entrance hall to ‘mega’ exhibition halls.
  • Underground multi-purpose transport facility which will hold parking for over 1,300 cars
  • An energy centre and wind turbine
It is estimated that 1,500 jobs could be created as part of the project as well as 1,200 during the post construction phase. It is envisaged that as many as 9,000 jobs could be created through further developments of the remaining four stages.

China hub
The Europe China Trading Hub as envisaged by the project’s developers according to its official website. 

As well a the trading hub the website for the ECTH (you have to click through to see the artist’s impression of what it will look like) says there there will eventually be culture and leisure facilities that will include:
  • A five-star hotel resort
  • Apartments
  • A theatre
  • A shopping centre
  • A sports and fitness centre
  • A convention centre
  • A hospital
  • A school
  • A bank
  • A petrol station
  • A train station
The website also states that Athlone International Airport will be completed at the end of 2018 though it is not clear if this is part of the development or a separate enterprise.
The project is the brainchild of the Athlone Business Park Ltd which is owned by two local developers Aidan Kelly and Michael O’Sullivan. A former Roscommon county manager John Tiernan is acting as chief executive.

Last December local Fianna Fáil councillor Frankie Keena told that the development was a positive one for transport links in Ireland.
He said: “The Chinese’s target market would consist of business people on the east coast of America and European people as well. Up to about 3,000 people a week would be coming into Ireland so it’ll be positive for the airports as well.

“Athlone is ideally located for this project, it’s in the centre of country. With a new motorway you’d make Dublin Airport in an hour-and-a-half easy – easily to Shannon airport as well. It’s something we badly need to give us a stimulus.”
An Taisce declined to comment on the decision by An Bord Pleanála this morning but said it would be releasing a statement later today.

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